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The Bar and Pub scene in Melbourne is World Class and it’s filled with Excitement and Surprise, seven nights a week… if you know where to look.


The team behind MBP are locals and we love sharing Melbourne’s Best-Kept Secrets with you.
Confidently meander down dimly lit laneways with Melbourne’s Bars and Pubs‘ App in your pocket to be rewarded with well-hidden Gems, sky-high Rooftop Bars, and alluring Basement Beauties.
Who knows, tonight you may very well find your new favourite Bar.


Go on, get out there and start exploring the World’s best Choose-your-own-Adventure city with MBP.


“This Melbourne-made app will become your new best drinking buddy.” Mercedes-Benz.

MBP’s FREE 2018 app is available NOW for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets.
Opt to receive Notifications through the app and you’ll receive a message when RED HOT Events or Specials are about to happen.
(MBP encourages responsible drinking.)


MBP’s FREE 2018 app is available NOW for iOS and Android phones and tablets.








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