Hump Day Brings Mid-Week Savings

Love to play up on a school night? Hump day has one of the best vibes of the week bringing with it great value and a real buzz.

Here are the four best places in Melbourne to hit on a Wednesday…

1. Mr Scruff’s Collingwood – “Congregate at the bar for $5 drinks (5-8pm Tuesday to Friday) will put you in fine form for the rest of the evening, as will Wednesday nights 1/2 priced food…”*

2. The Beehive Hotel Hawthorn – “Wednesday is Steak Night where your $24 Porterhouse is accompanied with a glass of vino…”*

3. Hophaus Bier Bar Grill Southbank – “are $20 lunch and dinner specials on offer from Monday to Thursday, each with a complementary glass of wine or bier. Just be sure to leave room for Toffee Apple Strudel and a glass of Schnapps…”*

4. Maori Chief Hotel South Melbourne – “Wednesday’s $15 Parmas give way to live music as the sun sets…”*

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